Steglitz radiance

Two magnificent buildings, one common goal: The municipal galleries of Steglitz Manor and the Schwartzsche Villa strengthen the local cultural scene by bringing art to the neighborhood.

Under the direction of art historian Brigitte Hausmann, the programming of the two houses has become more international and political in recent years. But it hasn’t lost its roots: In addition to hosting works by art greats such as the painter Maria Lassnig, who died in 2014, the focus stays on the pulse of young Berlin artists.

The Schwartzsche Villa was built in 1895 as a summer residence for the banker Carl Schwartz, and the classicist Steglitz manor house was originally used as a country residence by the Prussian politician Carl Friedrich von Beyme. But today, things are far less exclusive here – the grand, landmarked houses are open to anyone who wants to take in the stately architecture and cultural program. In the Schwartzsche Villa, works of art are produced especially for the rooms, while the Steglitz Manor is dedicated to international paintings of the 21st century.

The exhibitions address questions that animate our world, as well as the history of the district and the houses.      

Schwartzsche Villa & Gutshaus Steglitz

Schwartzsche Villa,


12165 Berlin-Steglitz

Gutshaus Steglitz,

Schloßstr.48, 12165 Berlin-Steglitz

Mon-Sun 10am-6pm


Dr. Christine Nippe


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