Brave new world

Light Art Space, or LAS, highlights what's to come: at the intersection of art, science and technology, founder Jan Fischer, director Bettina Kames and their team stage exhibitions that immerse you in the future. With immersive sensory experiences that erase the boundary between space and imagination, LAS has been making a name for itself in Berlin since 2019.

The interactive installations that artists create at LAS’s invitation are so appealing that a wide audience of art enthusiasts, tech entrepreneurs and families line up to get lost in them. The theme of "light" as a leitmotif runs like a thread through the exhibitions, which take place both in digital spaces and at various venues in Berlin. LAS itself does not maintain any spaces in the city, but instead commissions artists to transform iconic buildings into works of experimental art. The American light art pioneer Robert Irwin, for example, created a floor-to-ceiling work of neon tubes for the monumental industrial halls at Kraftwerk Berlin, while the Dane Jakob Kudsk Steensen transported a virtual swamp landscape to the Halle am Berghain. In the project space of the Ernst Schering Foundation on view until May, British artist and quantum physicist Libby Heaney presents the first artwork created with a quantum computer in an interactive 360° installation.

LAS deliberately brings art into public spaces to break down inhibitions - but also to make clear that artificial intelligence and machine learning are not nerdy niche topics, but can be experienced with the senses. Promoting research, breaking boundaries and innovating new horizons of experience - all this makes LAS one of the most exciting new art platforms in the city.


Libby Heaney, 2022


various locations in the city


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