The future is near

The meter-high, glass facade makes Galerie Wedding look like an ever expansive window display: under the direction of Danish-born Solvej Helweg Ovesen, this gallery not only exhibits art, but dissolves the boundary between inside and outside, everyday life in the neighborhood and the art of the world.

The municipal gallery is housed in the heritage-protected Wedding Town Hall building, which was constructed in the 1920s with clinker brick in the style of the Expressionists. Here, artists deal with urgent issues of our time: How do we want to coexist in the world? What can we learn from each other? And what does a society of the future look like? Each year is dedicated to a curatorial theme. Well-known names in the international art scene, such as Sissel Tolaas or Ibrahim Mahama, can be found in the program next to local artists and young talents.

The reappraisal of the colonial past is often just as much a theme in the exhibitions as the diversity of Wedding as a former working-class district, which today numerous migrant communities call home. Just how much potential lies in engaging locally was recently explored by artists on the square outside the town hall: during the pandemic, performances and sculptures transformed the site into an open-air gallery, where the public and passersby could participate in discussions, workshops and dance pieces. Environmental conservation will continue to be the overarching theme of the exhibition program "Existing Otherwise," on through this spring. Young artists such as Irene Fernández Arcas and Sarah Ama Duah will investigate new forms of life and new ways of living together.


Sarah Ama Duah, to build to bury to remember, 2021-22

Gallery Wedding - Space for Contemporary Art


13353 Berlin-Wedding


Tue-Sat 12-19h

Maja Smoszna

Tel (030) 9018–42386

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