Playground for experiments: Callie's in Wedding

In the ‘00s, Berlin was considered a future laboratory for emerging art. That spirit of optimism and the joy of experimentation can still be felt in some places in the city: one of those places is Callie's, at home in a Wedding backyard.

The non-profit art institution gives artists the freedom to work on projects through its residency program - and provides visitors with some of the most exciting events Berlin has to offer. Since 2020, Callie's has been located in a beautiful brick building that once housed a machine factory. Today, it’s home to studios that accomodate artists working in all media, including movement and sound; many of these studios double as exhibition spaces. Residents also have the opportunity to live on-site, in one of three “microapartments.” 

At a time when studio rents are rising everywhere in Berlin, Callie's has created a place where artists can experiment, research and playfully explore how an art institution functions today without any constraints or content-related guidelines. The Canadian Jeremy Shaw, known for exploring physical borderline experiences in his works, has rehearsed for performances here, and the French artist Camille Henrot has created new paintings.

What makes Callie's unique is the chance for the public to experience firsthand how museum-quality art is created: this is  because many artists in residence choose to  open their studio doors and let visitors experience their processes.

But the Callie's team certainly doesn't want to come across as an avant-garde outsider. Fostering active exchange in the neighborhood is a top priority for them. In the front portion of the property, Callie's sister bookstore a.p offers a window to the neighborhood and the world. At a.p, artists' books, as well as accessories by young fashion designers, stock the shelves. Connecting and networking is also central at a.p: Their regular programming includes talks, workshops and poetry readings.

And if you're looking for even more friendly exchange - or a pick-me-up after your art outing - stop by the Berlin coffee roaster Coffee Circle, right next door.


Lindower Str. 20,

13347 Berlin-Wedding

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